If you were to die today are you 100% sure where you would go? Here are two very good sites that tell clearly how one can have their sins paid for and be on their way to Heaven! 

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God’s Plan of Salvation

Commonly asked questions about salvation:

This question was asked on Yahoo Answers and Pastor Andy wrote this answer

What are some of your opinions on why we as humans are on this Earth?

This is a very open answered question. I just like to hear the opinions of people other than the ones surrounding me and agreeing all the time. A little adversity from time to time broadens the length of my wisdom.”

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Man was put on this earth because God almighty (Jesus Christ) wanted somebody to have fellowship with! He wanted a friend to be a able to walk, talk, and spend time with! Why do you think that we as mankind have the desire to do the same. we are created in His likeness. Remember Adam and Eve. God walked and spent time with them every day. But God didn’t create man as robots, He created them with a free will. He wanted us to choose to love and fellowship with Him. When Adam and Eve sinned in the garden they removed THEMSELVES from having fellowship with Him. Today most men are separated from God because of there sin and if they would only find Him they would find there purpose here. After Sin came into this World By our choosing God did not just leave us to die and be rejected by (Hell for eternity- a literal burning one) Him for forever. He provided a way for that fellowship to be restored. He left heaven and came to earth in the form of Jesus Christ (Christmas) to pay our sin debt for us so we don’t have to pay for it ourselves in Hell. He was crucified horribly on the cross, died buried and rose again three days later. He did this to pay our sin debt for us and to show that He can give us victory over death and the grave to. But since we are born sinners alienated from God we have to do the opposites of what Adam and Eve did. They were perfect and chose to sin ( Disobey God). We as sinners have to choose to accept Jesus Christ as our personal savior. He died to pay our debt for us and once we accept that gift we become His Children and can have fellowship with Him once again. Then we can walk (Read the Bible) and talk (pray) with Him just like they used to do in the Garden. We are meant to be companions of God by our own free will. Everything else here on earth is just things we get to enjoy till we (those that have accepted Jesus) go to heaven and get to spend eternity with Him. You see the Bible says that once you have accepted Jesus His blood – Righteousness- covers you and makes you perfect in Gods eyes. Clean from all sins past, present and future ( even though we still do wrong). Because Jesus has never sinned and never will sin, you stand before God with His merit. True Christians do not go to church and do things to go to heaven but they do it because they are on there way to heaven and they want to have a closer relationship with God – Hence our purpose on this earth.